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Blue Light Defence HydroCream

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All that screen time isn’t great for your skin. This innovative, high-performing moisturiser works as an invisible shield against some of modern life’s more harmful elements – including blue light and atmospheric pollution.


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So many of us spend so much of our days looking at a screen we forget the impact it can have on our skin. Screen time leads to blue light pollution – which in turn causes photo-oxidation and hyperpigmentation. In short, our skin dries out and starts to show signs of ageing earlier than it should.

This high-performing, game-changing moisturiser is your best line of defence. It’s been clinically-formulated with ingredients proven to protect your skin from the key causes of digital ageing – while providing you with up to 72 hours of deep hydration too. You’ll look and feel fresh and free from fine lines. No matter how much device time your day throws your way.

How to use

The Ritual

Gently apply a pea-sized amount to your face, neck and décolletage, either in the morning or at night following your regular skincare ritual.

Where it fits

As the final step in protecting your skin from early ageing. For the best possible absorption, prep your skin with New Age™ Blue Light Defence HydroMist first.