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Blue Light Defence HydroMist

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A spritz of this lightweight, rose-scented facial mist signals the start of better skin protection. Against blue light radiation, environmental pollution – and the ageing effects they can have on your complexion.



Some of the biggest impacts on our skin happen in the most unsuspecting, everyday ways. Like the blue light from the digital screens we spend so much time in front of. Or the general pollution that’s in the air. This lightweight facial mist means better protection for your skin is just a rose-scented spritz away.

Enriched with active ingredients that shield your skin from hyperpigmentation or photo-oxidation, this is defence at its most deeply-hydrating. Helping you to fight off the signs of ageing even if you’re unable to switch off your devices.

How to use

The Ritual

Spritz evenly over your face, beck and décolletage after finishing your usual skincare ritual.

Where it fits

Keep it on-hand to top up your skin’s hydration at any time of the day. Even after you’ve put your make-up on.