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Hydrate Me Mist

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Whether it’s a spritz to brighten your complexion – or simply lift your spirits – this rose-scented organic face mist offers an instantly refreshing splash of natural bliss.



Sometimes it’s worth stopping to smell the roses. Especially when those roses come to you in the form of an inviting and invigorating organic facial mist. Infused with rose oil and hydrating aloe vera, every spritz of our Hydrate Me Mist offers real replenishment to weary skin – and an aromatic moment of calm in your day.

Beyond its hydrating properties, a spray of the mist can also help with setting make-up or cooling you down on a particularly hot day. Keep it close-by when you’re working or travelling and you’ll always have all-natural, rose-tinted refreshment, exactly when it’s needed most.

How to use

The Ritual

Spray a decent amount over your face before moisturising or applying serums – particularly if your skin is dehydrated or sensitive. You can spritz again when you’re out and about as needed.

Where it fits

Anywhere, any time you need a splash of natural refreshment.