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Rest & Restore

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60 minutes

Your treatment

You will feel relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. Combining the healing properties of massage with our invigorating scrub, Rest & Restore works to induce full body relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

Pressure: Light - Medium

Your experience

A light to medium pressure full-body relaxation massage with a difference. This Rest & Restore treatment uses potent botanicals to soothe tired, tense muscles and revive the senses. A detoxifying back scrub with arnica and menthol gently warms the back to promote circulation and release deep tensions. Followed by a specialised massage sequence using grounding jade stones and our bestselling Clove and Mint Recovery Balm to invigorate the body.

Pressure: light - medium.

Your consultation
Your appointment includes a professional consultation to understand your specific needs and concerns to be addressed throughout your treatment with your qualified therapist. Total appointment time is 60 minutes.